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Good Afternoon.

My name is Taebin Im, the representative director of Motornet International Inc. Thank you for visiting our website. Founded as the first research institution by the Precision Machinery Research Center of Korea Electronics Technology Institute in 1999, Motornet International Inc. is a venture business which intends to stimulate the precision-device industry and raise technical and economical competitiveness of micro motors by making domestic micro motor technology competitive at international standards.

Motornet International Inc. strengthens micro motor technology to the international level through networking and integration of motor technologies by using networks with domestic and international universities, and domestic research institutions such as the Precision Machinery Research Center of Korea Electronics Technology Institute.

After foundation, we developed standard AC geared motors and have been producing them since. We also succeeded in developing and standardizing BLDC motors, and have since been manufacturing them. This is an outcome of the will and effort of all our employees. In addition, we successfully developed HB-type micro stepping motors in collaboration with Korea Electronics Technology Institute and Hanyang University with mass-production soon to begin.
Our quest for development went even further, and we have been conducting research and development of reverse magnetic-flux linear PM motors for compressors and 100,000rpm magnetic bearings for ultra-high-speed micro motors, intending to become a substantial total electrical motor maker.

Motornet International will become a world-renowned company in the development and production of micro motors with continuous research, development, and investments.

We appreciate your constant support for the development of Motornet International Inc..
Representative Director