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내용 Motornet International, first to commercialize the BLDC fan motor

[Electronics Newspaper Aug. 16, 2005 08:44]

Motor-net International (Taebin Im, the representative director; announced yesterday that they commercialized BLDC fan motors for the first time in Korea.
The BLDC motor, which has a long life span and a high power output without brushes, can rotate at about 5000rpm (rpm: revolutions per minute) and generate a much stronger wind than previous AC motors (3600rpm). This product has a diameter of 15cm and a power output of 350W.
This product is designed to be included in fans used in large structures including chicken farms, indoor gyms, and greenhouses so that the wind can travel far. A BLDC motor has not been commercially built for fan use in Korea before.
Motor-net International had revenues of about $500,000 from this product only this summer. Furthermore, the company received a venture business technology award from Bucheon municipal government for its achievement in commercializing the product. Motor-net International is going to apply the product to medical use besides industrial purposes.
“We commercialized BLDC fan motors in collaboration with companies specializing in fans,” Taebin Im, the president of Motornet International, said. “We were able to commercialize them earlier than our schedule because there was an increased demanded for BLDC motors which can generate stronger winds than AC motors in these hot days.”

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