Small motor at the world-wide
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‘Only technology,’ small motors at the world-wide level

brand export to Japan with the world’s highest market share

Motor-net International manufactures small motors and exports them to Japan and Southeast Asia with its own branding.

A TV documentary about Japan, a close but distant country, which marked the 60th anniversary of independence, created a sensation last August. Whether it is about soccer or the history textbook, Koreans must win anything when competing with Japan. However, there is one thing that Koreans can’t help. That is the economy.
The trade deficit with Japan has increased every year, and last year it hit $24.4 billion.This is because a large number of components and materials are brought from Japan. Domestic semiconductor devices and precision machines also depend on imports.
In these circumstances, Motor-net International Inc. (; Taebin Im, the representative director), which exports small motors to Japan, which has one of the most powerful economies in the world, is a venture business which sparkles like a gem in Korea. Dreaming of the day it can conquer the world with its technology, Motor-net and its 40 employees are so focused on the development of technology that they even say “contribution to society is made with technology”.
Located in Techno Park, Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-ku, Bucheon-si, Motor-net was founded as the first research institution by the Precision Machinery Research Center of Korea Electronics Technology Institute in November, 1999 in order to make domestic micro motor technology competitive by world-wide standards.
Since its foundation, Motor-net has more than doubled its sales annually for 6 years. $3.1 million in sales was made last year, and $6.5 million in sales is expected to be made this year. Motor-net has had such firm growth because it was able to make inroads into Southeast Asian markets with a technology equal to that of Japan, which has a 60% share of the market.
Previously Korea had been importing most of its small motors from Japan, but thanks to Motor-net , Korea has became a competitor which exports small motors to Japan.
Motor-net has dramatically increased its brand recognition with its quality and price competitiveness not only in advanced countries like Japan and America but also in new markets such as China and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, with connections in domestic and overseas universities and domestic research institutions including the Precision Machinery Research Center of Korean Electronics Technology Institute, Motor-net has formed a motor cluster and intends to become a ‘world-renowned motor company’.
Motor-net constantly develops new technology with its own research laboratory operated by superior professionals with Master’s degrees and Ph.Ds.
Currently, Motor-net manufactures standard AC geared motors. It also developed BLDC motors and succeeded in standardizing them. Taebin Im, the representative director of Motor-net , said “Motors are so widely-used that it is safe to say that almost every product has a motor in it. We are going to do our best to raise the position of Korea in the motor industry world .”
With a motto which reads ‘to become a company which contributes to the so
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